Find Your
English Level

This is a sample and unofficial English placement test for international students who are considering applying to St. Lawrence College. If you have not met the English language requirement for full-time study at SLC, you can use the test result to estimate your English level and length of ESL study. You will need to take an official placement test when you arrive on campus.

What is on the quiz?

There are 90 questions in total. The test includes three parts. First, a multiple-choice grammar section with questions 1-40. Second, a reading section with questions 41-52. As well, a Vocabulary section containing questions 53-70. Ending with listening questions 71-90. This test should take about one hour to complete.

How am I being graded?

72+ Points

GAS EAP Advanced Plus

54-71 Points

GAS EAP Advanced

36-53 Points

Intermediate ESL Class

20-35 Points

Pre-Intermediate ESL Class

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